Live CCTV Footage

Guidelines for Accessing Live CCTV footage of MANAS PortalThis being the initial phase of the project, training agencies are using varied technologies for live CCTV feed and the system integration for bringing all the video feeds on one platform on MANAS website is under process. In the meanwhile, the following guidelines could be used for accessing the live CCTV footage:

  • Please use Internet Explorer 10.0 or above to view CCTV footage
  • On opening Internet Explorer, please do the following:
    • Settings > Internet Options > Security > Internet Zone > Custom Level
    • Please Enable all options under ActiveX Controls & Plug-ins.
    • Similarly for Settings > Internet Options > Security > Local Intranet > Custom Level. Please Enable all options under ActiveX Controls & Plug-ins.
    • Click on Apply and then Ok.
  • After the above settings, kindly restart the browser
  • Please click on Live CCTV from the navigation bar
  • Please select Training Centre Name and click on Watch
  • Separate Tab will open for each selected centre. Kindly allow Pop-Ups in the browser.
  • Steps to view the footage:
    • On opening of link, please install the plugin as requested
    • After installation of plugin, please login as per the credentials provided
    • Live CCTV footage will now be visible for the selected centre.