Salient Feature of MANAS

  • Setup as SPV for expanding access to skill development programme for marginalized sections of minority communities – All India collaborative framework (based on PPP mode).
  • Focus on entire spectrum of skill sets in demand by the market meet credit requirement for self employment – wide range of Skill based Courses, of different durations/ levels.
  • Provide a sustainable and scalable model, with great flexibility Training Programmes can be tailor made for implementation in any part of the country, for any skill sets, for any level of training with multiple choices in terms of funding etc.
  • Meet diverse skill training/up-gradation needs of minority communities in terms of Identification, Preservation & Promotion of their traditional arts/crafts, vocations under schemes like Hamari Dharohar, USTAAD etc.
  • Convergence of Financial & Development activities of the Corporation & Linkages with leading local / national & international organizations for all its activities from training to placements in job/ self employment projects for trainees, for providing high quality skill training.
  • Provides highly transparent, credible and almost leak proof Skill Development Framework, by extensive use of ICT Biometric based attendance system of trainees and trainers, Live CCTV coverage of on ongoing training, highly interactive website providing comprehensive information, to all stake holders.

Operational Framework Of MANAS


Vertical-1:Skill Development Programme

This vertical would operate in collaborative mode, primarily with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and its partners, and with Government, Semi Government agencies, and other reputed large scale private agencies, working in this field. Initially, the curriculum would be adopted from 26 Sector Skill Councils and other knowledge partners, having curriculum in consonance with National Occupational Standards (NOS)/ National Vocational Education Qualification Framework (NVEQF). The curriculum would also be developed by MANAS in collaboration with the actual employers of the skilled labour force, as per their requirement to ensure placements.

The training facilities and infrastructure would be provided as per the norms, by NSDC partners and other large scale professional training providers, who would collaborate with MANAS for skills training. Certification would be done jointly by MANAS with Sector Skill Councils, and by and other Industry accepted accreditation & certification bodies / leading players, in their respective sectors, to ensure competence and quality assurance of the training given. Placement for wage-employment would be ensured through NSDC partners / training partners of MANAS. Self employment to be ensured by the training partners with NMDFC loans through MANAS.

The training partners of MANAS and MANAS itself will become a Channelizing Agency of NMDFC for this purpose to establish link in between disbursement of credit and self-employment generation through Skill Development/Skill up-gradation. Overseas placement would be undertaken through the Ministry of Overseas India Affairs and placement within the country through other Government Departments/Agencies. Monitoring, supervision & tracking of the candidates would be undertaken by MANAS / training partners etc. MANAS will use data center of NMDFC.

Vertical-2: Credit & Reimbursement Support

MANAS would extend concessional loans to the persons belonging to Minorities for individually pursuing third party skill development training, where the training cost is very high and the training is not being conducted under the network of MANAS. A loan up to Rs. 2.0 Lakhs per annum would be extended at an interest rate of 3% p.a. by MANAS. The short terms courses of 6-12 months, which are cost intensive & highly specialized / technical in nature such as medical technologies, earthmover operators, CNC operation etc. could be considered under this vertical.

MANAS would also consider reimbursing the training fee of the persons belonging to Minorities who have obtained specialized skill development training on their own expenses, and are gainfully employed / self employed. Such candidates would be required to produce documents in support of their employment for a period of time.

Vertical-3: Use of Madrassas for Skill Development

There is vast all India network of Madrassas at all India level , mainly in remote & rural areas. Significant section of Muslim population is engaged with Madrassas. They can be used as effective channel for imparting skill development programme by setting-up training centre in Madrassas immediately saving time and resources . Ensure involvement of community & its leaders for success of the training programme.

Vertical-4: Training of the Trainers Programme (TOT)

It would develop standardized curriculum and required training infrastructure for Training of the Trainers with the help of the training partners in the field of traditional trades/crafts/skills of the Minority Communities with emphasis upon those which are getting phased out. It would identify such trades indifferent parts of the country, cluster wise / trade wise. It would setup CHAIRS for Process and Product Documentation, in order to preserve their oral traditions of training and formalize them into a standardized curriculum to be used for the Training of the Trainers.

It would use trade-wise, cluster-based approach (Like Weavers Service Center, Banaras, Sozni in J&K etc.) to provide training to local youths by these Master Trainers using the network of MANAS along with the credit facilities of NMDFC for it.

MANAS will facilitate standardization of the product, its branding and its marketing through its third vertical of developmental activity.

It would also conduct TOT for imparting Skills training in various skill-sets, required to meet the estimated skill gaps locally. Based upon Skill Gap Surveys for different regions, the demand for skill sets in near future, in a particular area can be identified.

MANAS will create training facilities and the required curriculum for the Master Trainers in the identified skill sets, through its training partners, for training of Master Trainers for these skills. It would provide necessary credit facilities and other infrastructure support to the Master Trainers for providing training at local level to ensure absorption of trainees locally and thereby prevent migration of labour due to pull factors.

Vertical-5: Development & Research Activities

MANAS in collaboration with NSDC and various other Organizations, working in the field of Skill Development, will conduct studies for identifying estimated skill gaps region-wise and trade-wise in different parts of the country. It would expand its training network based upon collaborations to cover all parts of the country, across the entire spectrum of skills likely to be in demand in near future at local, national & international levels. It would provide assistance in product and process development, standardization, branding of the products and market support with the help of credit to be provided by NMDFC and its SCAs. It would engage in capacity building/training of its own staff members/personnel/employees to develop standard operating procedures and collaborative network required by MANAS.